Julie Brealey: About me

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Julie Brealey

Hi. I’m Julie Brealey and I live in Fareham, Hampshire, with my husband, Robert.

I love to type and have even entered competitions for “The Fastest Typist”, constantly striving for a better speed.  My typing speed is currently 125 words per minute (on a good day with the wind behind me!)

I’ve always been someone who thought that anybody who can start their own business doing something they love, was a very lucky person and I’m now so happy to be one of those people!

I’ve been audio typing for 30-odd years and have experience in several fields including Estate Agency, Surveyors, Legal and Financial Services. I’ve also worked in a number of secretarial/administrative roles within the same areas.

I’ve been a self-employed, freelance audio transcriptionist since March 2013 and since starting ‘Type Like the Wind’, I find that many people ask me the same question;

Why is typing speed so important?

Well, it’s all about productivity and efficiency and, whilst speed isn’t the only important element (accuracy is another one), when productivity increases, costs decrease.

Ultimately, that’s very good news for my clients because I work very quickly and very accurately, saving them both time and money!

Perhaps I could do the same for you?

Julie Brealey