Copy Typing

According to Wikipedia, Copy Typing (as opposed to Audio Typing) is carried out by a  Typist who is someone that specialises in typing text from a source which they read.

The real skill in Copy Typing is that the typist is able to touch type; that is, they have no need to look at the keyboard when they type, so they’re able to read the copy continuously, adding to the speed with which they type.

This is what I do and I’m very fast, saving my clients time and money!

Maybe you have an old document (old lease or report, for example) that needs to be typed and put onto your system or maybe you have a thesis or book that needs typing up from handwritten notes.  Whatever the format of the written text, printed, hand written or a combination and whatever the content or purpose, I can help you.

For all of your Copy Typing requirements, documents can be collected from your offices and returned (if local to me) or alternatively, they can be scanned and emailed to me. Once completed, I can provide you with whatever format you wish; printed, digital or both.


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