Sickness Cover

Sick laptop cartoonIsn’t it typical that members of staff always fall ill at the wrong time?  It always happens when there’s a heavy workload and keeping up with everything puts a huge strain on you and the rest of your team.  If only you had someone who could provide reliable Sickness Cover at short notice!

Perhaps I can help?

As an independent small business owner I do not charge agency fees and could prove to be a cheap, viable option for your Sickness Cover. I have experienced a wide range of fields in my working life including Estate Agents, Surveyors, Legal and Financial Services and have acquired many skills that can be put to good use for you.

I’m also a first class Audio and Copy Typist!

Once I am familiar with your systems and provided you are happy with my work, you may wish to engage my services, again, should you have the need for Sickness Cover in the future. Do bear in mind that I can also provide Maternity or Holiday Cover.

If your business is growing and you’re in that ‘in between stage’ where it’s difficult to justify another full-time employee but you’re struggling to cope with the extra work, I could even become a dedicated resource for you, saving you time and money until the time is right for that additional employee.


How will you know if you need my services?

Can you relate to any of these situations?

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