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Keyed up with a need for speed

I haven’t always been a fast typist. When I learned to touch type at college in the 1980s I struggled; in fact I devoted the summer before going to college to teaching myself how to type on my mum’s old portable typewriter, failing badly!

I remember sitting in class with my fingers hovering over ‘A S D F’ and ‘J K L’, looking up at the blackboard while our teacher, Ida Haigh, typed on her electric typewriter at astonishing speeds! Completely mesmerised by her skills, I was inspired to type that fast.

So how have I achieved an award-winning typing speed?

It’s taken many keyboards, several typing competitions, but most recently a website called to help build up speed. There are other websites where you can compete against others and I use them occasionally to either warm my fingers up in the morning or, if it’s a quiet day, keep my fingers nimble!

A good keyboard is essential and worth investing in; mine is a Logitech wireless keyboard which cost around £50. Expensive? Not really, it has paid for itself many times over and is a crucial part of my ‘team’!

Typing competitions have encouraged me to keep improving too. I came second in the last competition I entered at 105 wpm; the winner typed at 125 wpm, a speed I have now achieved!

Hand in hand with the need for speed goes accuracy. It’s probably more important for an audio typist because clients expect a word perfect document and that is what I take pride in producing.

My advice to someone beginning a typing career is take it slowly and concentrate on perfection. Don’t give up, enjoy it!

Speed will follow with practice, but accuracy will win repeat business.