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New Testimonial

I sometimes get so wrapped up in doing the work that I forget to ask for testimonials.  However, here is a lovely one I received recently:

“I’ve been working with Julie for almost two years now and she has been incredibly reliable in getting her dictations back – usually within a few hours. Julie has been a huge support for me and my team over this period.

Working in financial planning, we deal with a lot of sensitive information and we adhere to the Data Protection Act 1998 – Julie understands this clearly and always takes security and her responsibility very seriously.

We trialled using dictation software for a period at our firm but found it wasn’t as efficient, quick or as accurate as what we got with Julie – as an example, manually going back and replaced ‘icer’ with ‘ISA’ became a bit of a chore! Julie understands our industry, through her own dedication and doing her own research to understand certain areas and phrases. From my time working with Julie, I know she would put this effort in whatever the subject matter was.

I cannot recommend Julie enough to anyone considering or looking for a quality, reliable transcription service.”

                                                                                                                          Tim Brienza, Client Engagement Manager, Attivo Group