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The Human Factor

‘People buy from people’, a business adage we are aware of, yet proven to me recently when a solicitor client of mine received a call from a nationwide transcription company.

My client declined the call because she prefers the personalised administration and audio typing service that I provide for her as a temporary legal secretary, something I have been undertaking for nine months.

In this time we have got to know each other quite well. She appreciates I have spent time getting to know her business, its systems and the jargon involved, therefore when she gets busy and needs help with administration, I’m poised to hit the ground running.

She trusts me to work from home as I time-record my working hours and knows I treat all work as confidential. I have now become part of her team, even though I am my own boss.

I enjoy working with local businesses because these days I find people are fed up with faceless corporate entities; they’re veering back towards outsourcing, using smaller companies which provide a personal – and human! – service, in my case I am an audio typist with experience, who is reliable, trustworthy, approachable and doesn’t cost the earth.

Anyone, anywhere in the world, can type up a document, probably very cheaply. However, generally speaking, that person is probably only out for a quantity-related fee and may not give it the care and attention of a dedicated resource.

Outsourcing typing is becoming quite fashionable. These days there are as many dictation apps for your smartphone as there are dictation systems priced at or below £15. It’s quick and easy to dictate and send from an app ‘on the go’ to someone like me.

You will not only receive an accurately typed document returned within 24 hours (on a pay-as-you-go basis without commitment), but also you will have made a business connection who may be a handy resource for others.

No agency fees incurred, I’m a real person… and I enjoy being part of a client’s team!