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Outsource, outsource, outsource!

It’s becoming more and more fashionable to outsource typing and administrative work and save costs. One way of doing this is to outsource your typing.

But what does that mean? Well, if during the course of your working day you type lengthy letters, reports (even if using a template), notes of meetings with clients, legal documents, etc. why are you doing them? If you employ the speedy, efficient, secure and reliable services of me, then not only could you save yourself a fortunate, as this would free up your time to go and do what you got into your business to do originally and which makes you money, and also saves you having to employ someone full-time who would cost you in tax, National Insurance, holidays, sickness.

I do not tie people down to a contract. I am a pay-as-you-go service. There are no hidden charges. I only charge when I am actually working for you. What you see is what you get.

But what about security? See my blog released 21st November 2015 called “Safe and Secure”, which describes how serious I am about security.

Why don’t you give it a try and outsource some of your typing now? If you decide it is not for you, then you have not committed yourself to anything and have only paid a couple of pounds for me to do something that may have otherwise taken you double the time.

If you do like it and the freedom it gives you, then you can join my happy bank of clients that also feel that way. I am an integral part of their team that they can call on in their time of need.