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Summer holiday support staff shortages? On site, out of sight … you choose

Well, Easter has come and gone (doubtful that the pounds will disappear as quickly as they appeared after all those Easter eggs!), people are starting to think about their summer holidays (if they have not already booked them).

Now is a good time, if you are looking for assistance during those summer holiday periods to think about contacting someone like me to help out in their absence. I specialise in both the legal (mainly domestic conveyancing) and financial services industries and am already on standby for others, so why don’t you join the queue?

I can come to your office and cover for your secretary or I can do the work remotely and send it back to you for other staff to do the finishing touches.

You know what it’s like though; your secretary books the time off as early as in the Near Year, you then resolve to get cover but end up leaving it too late and end up with general cover and not specialised cover. Don’t leave it until it’s too late and end up employing someone who knows nothing about you.

Why not contact me, help me to become familiar with your systems in advance before the crises hit, so that I can cover for you at a moment’s notice, should you require it?